Photography in the City

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This year I am introducing one my newest hobbies to you: photography. As a child growing up I loved taking photos in front of and behind the camera. Family functions, hanging with friends, events, or just because some form of picture taking was normally involved.

Jackson Street Bridge

Last year, my friend Rosalyn told me she linking up with some local photographers after getting a camera. I was interested in learning more about photography and meeting new people along the way. After meeting a few of them in casual settings I went on a photo walk at Piedmont Park with Roz. I met a couple more members of the crew at the photo walk.

They were friendly and chatted with me about different things. What kind of camera I wanted to purchase, benefits of a Nikon and a Canon, tips on how to get a good shot with a camera phone, reflections, etc. The coolest thing to me was these super dope and experienced photographers made me feel so welcome and at the time I simply expressed my interest in photography. They could have brushed me off but they didn’t.


Sunset at Piedmont Park

Moments in time like this one is why I enjoy photography. I didn’t take photos of the people I was with but the photos of I took at the park are a great reminder. A reminder of the time a group of people welcomed me and shared a bit of their perspective and world with me.

Boycott Exhibition at the Southwest Arts Center.

Meet CrewThickATL. Do yourself a favor and check out their Instagram pages and see the magic for yourself.

Roz: @rozzienecole

Perk: @perk77

Dennis: @_tmphotography

Jahi: @jahi._

Karm: @shutterchicatl

Rod: @rod_cali

Phil: @soulgrabberphotos

Ace: @thegreatkingace

A few more from me.

Until next time… peace and love.

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