My Top 3 Fitness Tips

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So you want my advice about working out huh? Ok then. Here we go.


The best fitness advice I can give is in summed up into three simple tips.



1. Enjoy your fitness journey. In my opinion, fitness is FUN and I hope that it is fun for you too! If you want to make a lifestyle change it has to be enjoyable. When it comes to fitness switch it up. Try different types of workouts or practices. Don’t think there is a cookie cutter way to a fit life because there isn’t one way. Find what program fits your lifestyle and ENJOY IT!


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2. Do not compare yourself to other people. We all have to start somewhere and that girl/guy’s body you think is INSANE on whatever is your social media platform of choice may be a lot further in their journey than you are. So no comparing people! Use them for motivation not self degradation. I like to think your fitness role model wouldn’t like that very much. Accept where you are in your journey and love yourself!

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3. Do not beat yourself up if you fall off. Remember it’s a lifestyle change not a diet. I mean unless you are dieting or something. If you happen to miss a day, week or even month for one of life’s million reasons do NOT beat yourself up. Get over the missed time and get back to work. Stay active. Stay consistent as much as possible. Don’t let “falling off” be your reasoning for giving up. YOU GOT THIS!

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