Fitness As A Lifestyle

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Don’t give up. Keep pushing. You got this. Sometimes you don’t want to hear someone say this to you. Especially when you are not seeing the results you desire or have fallen off the fitness wagon for the umpteenth time. My words to you are don’t give up! Don’t give in! 

Fitness is more than a perfect body. It’s a lifestyle change. I say this because I have started, stopped and started again a few times. I know when I am active I feel the best. Working out is a form of therapy for me. I like to push myself, lift weights, and sweat. It feels so good when I’m having a great day or a bad day. Looking good in a bikini or those jeans I want to get in is a plus. 

You might ask why do I keep stopping. Life happens. Family, friends, work, school, or just not feeling like it can be one of many reasons at any given time. The key for me is to not stay away for too long. The longer I don’t work out the harder it is for me to get back in to the groove of things.

Do what makes you feel good. I prefer weight lifting but I also enjoy yoga or taking a spin class or a dance class or whatever my mind leads me to do for the day. Do what makes you feel good. I think doing different things keep living a fit lifestyle fun. You have to put in work to get your desired results so I suggest doing something you enjoy while getting it in.

Another part of the lifestyle outside of the gym. is how you eat. About a month ago my trainer called me out on what I was eating. He said I work too hard in the gym to not see better results. That was hard to hear but it was the truth. He was right. I have a sweet tooth and it was on a rampage. What you put in your body is the major determining factor of how your body will look. I choose not to diet. I changed my way of eating to something I can stick with. I’m a pescatarian. Fish, seafood, and veggies are a way of life that works for me. Find what works for you.

I think when you change your mindset from working out to look good to working out to be healthy and feel good is when you accept fitness as a lifestyle. You know if you miss a day or a week to get back on it. Your body can feel sluggish or you can mentally be in a rut. Going for a walk, taking class, or lifting something can change all of that in under a hour.

Working out is good. Eating healthy is good. Fitness is good. That is all for now. 

Until next time… Peace and love.

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