Fashion: Styled by Goodwill

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Let’s try this again. I have posted before about Goodwill. This go around I want to tell you a bit about how I got into thrifting.


I was that girl. The one who got overwhelmed going in a place like Goodwill. The one who didn’t have time to search for cool finds. The one who saw it and bought it. Ok. Ok. I think you get the picture. I wasted lots of unnecessary money on clothing I rarely wore doing that. I have learned the error of my ways y’all!!

Thrifting is where it’s at!


(Don’t judge my PINK socks! Lol!)

With a little time and no set expectations except enjoying the hunt you too can get used to thrifting. Today my goal was to not buy anything black (unless it was fabulous of course)! I gravitate to black. It’s my comfort color. I am trying to step out of the black hole and add some brightness to my wardrobe.

My other goal was to put together outfits using only items found in the store. I want to show you it’s possible to look great thrift shopping. I think I did ok and it took me about a hour.


Some trips to Goodwill you will finds lots of items. Sometimes only a few. The key is to take your time, look, and find pieces you like.


One more thing, have FUN while doing it. Thrifting can be an enjoyable experience.

That is all for now!

Peace and love. ✌????️❤️



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