Blogger Life Struggle

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Sincerely Sunny has been up and running since 2015 however the site was almost inactive. It was hard for me to balance the want to blog and actually blogging. Crazy ideas while living life and experiencing new things that would have made great topics to blog about weren’t posted. Why? Because I didn’t write them down. I didn’t develop the thoughts. I am no longer using that as an excuse not to write. If a thought wakes me up in the middle of the night I write it down. 

I also have to make time to finish developing scribbled down thoughts.  I have found out it is better for me to get out of the house to write. My favorite place to think is in a corner in Starbuck’s with a grande coffee.

First sketchings of Sincerely Sunny logo.

Another big aha moment for me was when I realized I was limiting myself to what I write about. I boxed myself into three topics: faith, fashion, and fitness. While I love all three topics I don’t always have something to write about them. I am breaking out of my personal box with the addition of a lifestyle tab. Lifestyle will let me write about any and everything. No more excuses. No more box.

I am looking forward to making Sincerely Sunny more like my life. Going wherever my flow leads me and not following one beaten path. I hope you find it entertaining, motivational, and uplifting.

Until next time, peace and love. That is all.

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